22nd April 2019 
Lactation Consultancy. Breastfeeding

Penny Heywood Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Becoming a mother is one of the most profound life changing experiences. It can be a time of joy and celebration but also a time of vulerability, anxiety and adjustment. Feeding your baby at the breast is much much more than providing nutrition, it is about nurturing your baby and laying down foundations of trust and security with your child. Sometimes baby goes to the breast and feeds beautifully but sometimes, mum and baby need a bit of extra help. I have been supporting families in Lewisham with breastfeeding since I became a peer supporter 2014. I have helped in the breastfeeding cafe's in Lewisham as well as on the postnatal ward at Lewisham Hospital. More recently, I have been supporting particularly vulnerable mothers and babies who have found themselves in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

Should you require a Lactatation Consultation, I offer a number of packages. I will send a summary of our discussion and any recommendations to your GP for their records.

Premature babies
90 minute consultation 90
Sometimes it is necessary to deliver babies before their due date and this can have implications for breastfeeding, particularly if this is not something you were expecting. Medical interventions are of course necessary and life-saving but can interfere with establishing breastfeeding. The benefits of breast milk for any baby cannot be underestimated but for a premature baby, breast milk is even more important for the health of your baby.
I can discuss practical strategies to help you provide breast milk for your baby during this time and offer emotional support. Often babies in the neonatal unit are unable to take the breast initially but there are strategies that can help encourage their journey to taking the breast.

Up to 90 minutes 120
You may be a new mum, a mum who has never breastfed or a mum who has had problems breastfeeding before. During this session we can discuss:
Feeding goals
Explore attitudes and concerns
Preparation for breastfeeding – if the pregnancy is going to plan this may be simply discussing what to expect for ‘normal’ breastfeeding.
If there is a particular issue such as predicted prematurity, we can discuss things to consider to protect breastfeeding until your baby is able to take the breast.

Antenatal with a postnatal follow-up
Up to 90 minute antenatal session plus up to 90 minute follow up postnatally 170
As above, but with a consultation postnatally to really get breastfeeding off to a good start
This will involve discussing any concerns, observing a feed, helping with positioning and attachment (if necessary). We can develop a plan to resolve any issues that you might be experiencing
It is not unusual for a baby to develop a bit of jaundice or for concerns to be raised about glucose levels in the hospital environment. Generally these issues should not be reasons to jeopardise breastfeeding. I offer an option for a trouble shooting telephone call if support or advice is needed before discharge from hospital

SOS support
Up to 90 minute consultation 120
Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. If you are at your wits end and about to give up, I offer support with helping you through many common breastfeeding problems such as mastitis, thrush or tongue tie referral. Most importantly I will work with you to help develop strategies to prevent those problems from returning.

Transition consultation
60 minute consultation 75
Many mothers want advice with transitions – for example weaning your baby onto solids, returning to work – or ending breastfeeding in a kind and gentle way when the time is right for you and your baby

I am also a qualified homeopath. Should you like to explore how homeopathy can support you through your breastfeeding journey, I can incorporate this into a Lactation consultation for an additional fee of 30.

Volunteer work:
Deptford breastfeeding cafe Tuesday mornings (term time)
Lewisham Hosptial NICU Thursdays (term time)