17th February 2019 
What can I expect from treatment?

Your first consultation could last for up to 1 hours. During this session I aim to take a thorough case history. This involves finding out as much as I can about the nature of your symptoms - as well as understanding a bit about your personality and lifestyle. In addition, I will ask also about your family and medical history - all of which are important for finding the right remedy.

Follow-ups last about half an hour.

Unless I am treating an acute condition, I will usually spend some time analysing your case after the consultation before sending you a remedy in the post.

How long will treatment take?

There are no hard and fast rules, everybody is different. Most people see discernable results fairly quickly; often they start to feel ‘better in themselves’ and will experience a gradual improvement in their symptoms. However, if you have been unwell for some time, it may take longer to return to health.

Fees and how to fund your treatment

FROM 1st May 2015
First consultation 65
(lasts approximately 1 hours)

Follow-up consultations 50
(lasts approximately hour)

First consultation 50
(lasts approximately 1 hour)

Follow-up consultation 40
(lasts approximately hour)

For a home visit, please add 15

Above fees include:
  • Homeopathic remedies, usually posted within 2 days of consultation
  • Necessary communication between appointments regarding treatment.

    Acute treatment
    15 minute consultation, including follow up 15
    (Face to face or telephone)

    I recommend patients purchase a basic homeopathic kit which will include most remedies needed for common acute conditions such as fevers, coughs, colds etc. This is particularly useful for children who may need prompt treatment. Kits can be purchased from Neals Yard or a homeopathic pharmacy such as Helios or Ainsworths

    There are a number of private health insurance that cover homeopathic treatment:

    Aviva 0800 015 1013
    No GP referral required

    0800 294 7302
    GP referral required

    Best Health
    0207 202 1390
    No GP referral

    BHSF Ltd 0208 628 3434
    No GP referral

    Cigna UK
    01475 492 187
    Specialist referral

    Civil Service Healthcare
    0208 410 0440
    GP referral required

    01462 688 100
    GP referral may vary

    Exeter Friendly Society
    08080 55 65 75
    No GP referral

    Healthnet 08703 50 40 30
    GP referral required

    Healthshield Friendly Society Ltd
    01270 588 555
    No GP referral

    0800 1 696 989
    No GP referral

    Hospital Saturday
    01204 522 775
    GP referral required

    0207 928 6662
    No GP referral

    IFL Signature
    0800 316 1242
    GP referral required

    0800 980 3207
    No GP referral

    0800 011 2222
    No GP referral

    0870 333 1174
    GP referral may vary

    National Deposit Friendly Society 0117 973 9003
    GP referral required

    01902 371 000
    No GP referral

    PHS (Medicaid)
    01234 267 371
    No GP referral

    Pinnacle 0208 207 9100
    No GP referral

    Simply Health
    08702 425 454
    No GP referral

    Sovereign Health Car 01274 841 130
    No GP referral

    Standard Life Health Care
    0845 279 8877
    GP referral required

    Universal Provident Ltd 08448 730 902
    GP referral required

    Westfield Health
    0114 250 2000
    GP referral required