22nd April 2019 


About homeopathy
If you are interested in finding out more about homeopathy, you can find out more information at The Society of Homeopaths and The British Homeopathic Association.

Some good books covering the basics of Homeopathy are listed below:
Mo Morish, Homoeopathy. A Rational Choice in Medicine
Miranda Castro, The Complete Homeopathy Handbook
Dr Andrew Lockie & Dr Nicola Geddes, The Complete Guide to Homeopathy
George Vithoulkas has written several books on homeopathy which are well worth looking at:
A New Model for Health and Disease
Homeopathy Medicine for the New Millennium

Homeopathic Pharmacies
HELIOS - based in Tonbridge Wells and Covent Garden
NELSONS - based on Duke Street (Bond St tube station)
AINSWORTHS - based on Cavendish Street (behind Oxford Street)

You can also get remedies from Health Matters, Lordship Lane in E Dulwich, Sheels Pharmacy in Lewisham and Neals Yard in Blackheath

Pregnancy & Childbirth
Many women have found Homeopathy particularly useful during this time to help with the many changes that occur during pregnancy and after the birth. While it is possible to self prescribe for some common conditions such as nausea and morning sickness, I normally recommend that ladies have a proper consultation during pregnancy which is a more holistic approach. I have a kit that I hire out for the birth. Women tend to find the kit can be particularly beneficial in the time after the birth. I believe that homeopathy can be enormously helpful in preparing for birth, it is also important to prepare for this momentous occasion in the weeks leading up to the birth. I am a great advocate of hypnobirthing and we are very lucky that there are several good teachers the area.

Lisa Toth is an excellent yoga teacher and she also runs hypnobirthing classes. You can find out more about her classes at Anjaneyayoga

Useful books
Castro, M. (1992) Homeopathy for Mother and Baby. Pregnancy, birth and the post-natal year. Macmillan Publishing, London
Mongan, M (1992) HypnoBirthing. The breakthrough approach to safer, easier, comfortable birthing. (3rd Edition 2007 reprint) Souvenir Press
Lokugamage, A. The Heart in the Womb, Docamali publishing
Balaskas, J. Active Birth. The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally
Gaskin, I. Spiritual Midwifery

Remember, even if you have a complications in your pregnancy, there are things that you can do to 'normalise' birth and help you through any complications.

Mum & Baby

Breastfeeding advice
You should have details from your midwife of the many breastfeeding cafes in the area where there are advisers on hand to help you get to grips with breastfeeding but you might also want to look at Laleche and Breastfeeding Network.

Useful books
Allen, T. (2004) Your Healthy Child with Homeopathy. A Practical Guide for Parents. Metro Publishing, London

Castro, M. (1992) Homeopathy for Mother and Baby. Pregnancy, birth and the
post-natal year. Macmillan Publishing, London

This is an issue that polarises parents. For some, vaccination is a no brainer and not a subject for debate. However, there are a growing number of parents questioning the heavy immunisation schedule. For information on childhood vaccinations, the following resources maybe of interest:

NHS NHS Childhood vaccination schedule

Jayne Donegan is a GP, a Homeopath and an expert on vaccination. Her talks are well worth going to. She has a pragmatic, no nonsense approach

ARNICA group Arnica Group is a useful resource for local groups supporting more natural approaches to health

A good author on the subject is Richard Halvorsen, Vaccines, A Parent's Guide

Other therapists

The Sunflower Centre has its heritage in Osteopathy and there are currently 4 osteopaths practicing at the centre. I can personally vouch for the amazing skills of Soran David and I frequently refer children to Aidan who specialises in paediatrics. Both teach at the British School of Osteopathy and have done so for many years.

Charlotte practices in Blackheath and Canary Wharf. She has extensive experience in fertility, IVF, pregnancy and treating children. Find out more about Charlotte Steed