22nd April 2019 


Natasha, Forest Hill: - emotional support, digestive issues and growing pains

'The calm, clear and caring way you have with both my daughter and myself has been very helpful in enabling us to express ourselves openly with you, which is crucial in the therapeutic work of a homeopath to my understanding.
I have been very happy with the progress my family has made in the time we have been coming to see you, which is why I have recommended you to friends and family.
You have accurately prescribed remedies that have aided me and my family to better health.'

Grace, Brockley: pilonidal cyst

'Discovering Homeopathy and meeting the very talented Penny has been a real life changer for me. A short while ago I developed an abscess near my coccyx that would seep throughout the day. This was not only extremely uncomfortable but also quite embarrassing and I found my self esteem really dipping. I went to the doctors and after several rounds of antibiotics nothing had changed with the abscess but the rest of my body became really run down due to the antibiotics prescribed. I then was given a surgery to remove it but after a couple of weeks it came back worse than before, at this point the doctor asked me if I had considered living with it. I was hugely upset at this thought and it felt like I was out of options, so when a friend suggested homeopathy to me I thought I may as well give it a go, despite having little faith in the idea.

Little did I know it was the best suggestion I’ve ever been given. The first session with Penny was a treatment in itself, I was given an hour an half to go talk through everything, the history of my health emotional and physical with everything intently listened to. Nothing was dismissed as unimportant or too trivial as it all created the bigger picture of my present day health. But to be taken seriously and to be listened to with compassion and understanding was a wonderful feeling. After this session Penny sent me through my first remedy, however there was no change. So a second remedy was sent but still no change. Each time Penny didn’t take this as a failure but as important information as to what type of remedy would work for me. Finally a third remedy was sent and within 2 days of taking it my abscess started to disappear as if by magic! I was absolutely astounded and so so happy. One year on and I have never had any sign of the abscess returning and Penny has also managed to successfully address other issues that had developed from the antibiotics I was over prescribed. Homeopathy I have now heard can be described as the ‘miraculous cure’ and it certainly has seemed that way for me but it is only as good as the homeopath and Penny is extremely talented at what she does.'