Testimonials (Homeopathy)

“We came to see Penny after our daughter, Lili (5), had been struggling with sleep issues on & off for many years…”

…She also has food intolerances & leaky gut.Penny listened so well to her story & health journey & then suggested a treatment that has brought huge improvements not just in her ability to fall asleep but also we have seen an improvement in her mood & cognition, her verbal expression, creativity, reading & writing. Lili needed more than one treatment in the end but the change in her well being has been life changing for both her & our whole family. We are so very grateful for Penny’s help & have already recommended her to several friends & family members.”

TF, Bermondsey

“I saw Penny for homeopathic treatment throughout my pregnancy. This was a very turbulent time for me…”

…and I had numerous stressors occurring around that time which were causing me significant emotional turmoil. Penny was always easy to talk to, patient, empathic and very caring. As well as prescribing remedies to treat recurring UTI’s I had suffered for years, the homeopathic treatment and support I received from Penny eased my pregnancy symptoms and helped me to manage my emotions and anxieties.
In addition Penny imparted her wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth throughout and signposted me to well sourced articles that helped me to feel empowered in my journey.
Penny was a homeopath, a counsellor, an educator and an invaluable support to me in my journey. I would highly recommend Penny to anyone.”

Katie, Yorkshire

“Penny is a wonderful, warm and friendly person and practitioner and I highly recommend her. I felt supported at all times and she has the wonderful ability to listen with attention and compassion…

…She helped me back on my feet when I was struggling with debilitating fatigue. I also really appreciate that, rather than rushing into prescribing a remedy, she re-reads her notes, does additional research where needed and then prescribes what she believes is suitable. Her prescribed remedy worked for me and I was back on my feet, feeling less tired and with more energy than I could remember in a long time, in a matter of days. Thank you Penny.”

LT, Blythe Hill

“The calm, clear and caring way you have been with both my daughter and myself has been very helpful in enabling us to express ourselves openly with you… “

…which is crucial in the therapeutic work of a homeopath. I have been very happy with the progress my family has made in the time we have been coming to see you which is why I have recommended you to friends and family. You have accurately prescribed remedies that have aided me and my family to better health.”

NB, Forest Hill

“Myself and my son Jude have received treatment from Penny for a good few years now…”

…We have always found the treatment to be helpful with Penny’s professional approach warm, welcoming and holistic in its approach.
Her manner makes it easy to open up and feel in a safe place to address the root cause of any health concerns you may have. I would highly recommend her treatment for all ages as she has helped me with my children too.”

MHW Hither Green