Testimonials (Lactation)

“The support Penny gave me in the first few weeks of my babies life was invaluable and without her I’m not sure if I would have been able to persevere for long…”

…The first time my baby was 8 days old and despite being my second baby I was in severe pain with a poor latch and very stressed.  Penny was very calm and approachable and her confident expert advice helped me to have my first comfortable feed that day. Over the next few weeks she supported me to persevere and improve the latch both sides. I’m now really enjoying breastfeeding which is something I found it hard to imagine in the early days.”

Crystal (mum of Heidi 11 weeks)

“My baby refused the breast when my milk came in and I quickly became engorged. I was really struggling to empty the milk myself and the pain was becoming unbearable…”

Being less than a week into my c section recovery, I was feeling pretty immobile and isolated. Penny came to see me at home at short notice and stayed with me until I was comfortable. She showed me some great techniques for relieving pressure and clearing the ducts, gave me practical advice on nipple attachment and followed up with me the next day. My breasts haven’t become engorged since and I am breastfeeding without pain.”

MW, Brockley 

“I called Penny frustrated and anxious because my newborn wasn’t gaining weight, & she visited my house the next day…

…Penny provided instant reassurance that my baby was latching well and getting milk – a much needed confidence boost. Together, we built a feeding plan, discussed options for increasing my milk production, as well as the best ways for me to do formula feeding alongside breast feeding. After her initial visit Penny was in regular contact to check-in on my daughter’s progress and answer any questions I had. She even came over again to do an additional test on my daughter, and I felt in very good hands throughout so would highly recommend Penny to any new mothers seeking new feeding positions, guidance, or just reassurance!”

Jo B, Lewisham